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Release:January 31, 2000
Platform(s):PC | PlayStation 2 | Xbox | GameCube
Publisher:Electronic Arts

The Sims

With The Sims you can now enjoy the ultimate voyeuristic fantasy creating and controlling people! Choose from a selection of pre-generated Sims or create your own (dys)functional family by distributing character points to each individual member. But be careful, because there are always trade-offs - a happy artist may be a bad cook or an energetic bachelor may have a terrible temper. To be happy, they have to maintain relationships with other Sims and have time for recreation. Invite others Sims over for a BBQ or entice new neighbours to move in next door. Who knows, there may even be that special someone for your single Sims. Flirt and pursue a relationship. In the end, only you have the power to make your Sims truly happy.

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