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Release:October 3, 2000
Genre(s):Electronica | Rock | Alternative

Kid A

On Kid A, Thom Yorke's passionate wailing is put through the aural wringer, and the band's previous nimbly orchestrated full-frontal sonic assault is replaced by full-frontal electric piano, to iconoclastic effect. The ambient underpinnings and garbled vocals of "Everything in Its Right Place", and the instrumental "Treefingers", the electronic beats of "Idioteque", and Yorke's processed voice on the titletrack will come as quite a shock to diehard '70s rockers who spent the late '90s deifying Radiohead as heirs to the Pink Floyd throne. But these touches work brilliantly, while the more organic elements, such as the jazzy horn section on "The National Anthem", and the comparatively conservative arrangement (though there's some unsettlingly atonal orchestration lurking here, too) of "How to Disappear Completely" provide a counterpoint to all this incipient modernism.


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Theodore Pape(MyCharts)8.52009-07-08 18:18:48
An album of two halves in my opinion. The first being an exciting, and in many ways, breakthrough experimentation in sound; and the second being fairly lackluster.

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